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By Vida Fereydoonzad

The celebration of Sadeh took place last January 31st at a new hall (Sarto Desnoyers Community Center) in

The children joined and played a role during prayers, led by Evrad Gev Karkaria. A beautiful ceremony and
reading took place, followed by a feast prepared by members of the community.

Here are a few words from some of the children on Sadeh:

  “I like Jashne Sadeh because it tells me that Nowruz is coming soon.
  50 days & nights until Nowruz, and that means winter is ending soon!
  I like wearing white at Jashne Sadeh, and the fire, even though we
  cannot have a big bonfire like the one I saw a video of from Iran.
  Everyone’s food I tasted was delicious, and sharing of food is fun.”

                                               By Atash Khosraviani, 11 years old

   “In Zoroastrian culture we have different festivals and festivity in different seasons. Sadeh is
   one of them. The legend says that Jashneh Sadeh is the celebration of the discovery of fire.
   Jashneh Sadeh is celebrated in winter at the end of January.
   Jashneh Sadeh is one of the occasions to be with the family and friends. I like Jashneh Sadeh
   because it brings the lights of fire in our hearts.
   Since a few years ago, I and my young friends in ZAQ community light up the fire before
   reciting Ashem Vohu prayer seven times while were turning around the fire.
   I saw a few pictures of Sadeh celebration in Iran where the fire is huge but ours in ZAQ is small
   but still I like it.”
   By Melody Movahedkhah, 11 years old

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