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Request by devotee for guidance and blessings (verse 4-6)
We now come to the section where devotee prays for the fulfillment of his desires and wishes. “O fire the
purifier of Ahura Mazda, grant me comfort and sustenance, long life and happiness, greatness wisdom,
strength, intelligence. The devotee expresses his desire for progeny or offspring who will render his home,
his family, his town prosperous. These verses deal with the prayer for human aspirations where devotee
wishes for guidance to righteousness that can lead to peaceful salvation of the soul.

Expected veneration and devotion to fire from a devotee (verse 7-9)
Verse 7 speaks of the yearning of the sacred fire for the dedication of the devotee. In verse 8 the holy fire is
revered as a strong brilliant warrior to fight evil and pollution. This verse is reminiscent of Zarthustra asking
Ahura Mazda as a friend to help a friend. In verse 9 we try to determine what will satiate and please the holy
fire so it may grant blessings to the worshipper

Benediction and blessings from the divine light (verse 10)
The benedictions that holy fire will bestow on those who follow the moral code implied in all the above
verses. These blessings can be summed up in terms such as blessed with many sons, endowed with active
and alert mind. The last line of this verse directs us to the awareness and care for the environment, by
maintaining purity and cleanliness.

In conclusion Atash Niyayesh thus emphasizes important tenets of our faith, to guide a devotee to fulfill
his/her commitment to life and live by the message of Zarathushtra.

Excerpts from presentations at NAMC seminars on “Fire in Avesta” by Ervad Gustad Panthaki and “Atash
Niyayesh” by Ervad Brigadier Behram Panthaki;

Significance of Jashan Ceremony by Ervad Jehan Bagli and Ervad Adi Unwalla

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