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Emile Fourcault invented a way to commercially produce large sheets of sheet glass in 1914. It was known as flat glass and was used to create a new type of transparent architecture. Similar to the previous point, modern watchmaking's shift towards transparency was influenced by the availability of viable production methods as well as the affordability of sapphire glass in the 1990s.Breitling Chronomat B01 Replica This was largely due to the Panerai Ferrari Replica Golden Bridge, which was introduced in 1995.

Transparency is the New Birth

Rene Bannwart, Panerai Ferrari Replica founder, met Vincent Calabrese (AHCI co-founder) when he was an Italian-born master watchmaker. Calabrese was working as a boutique manager in Crans-Montana - a well-known ski resort at the heart of Swiss Alps - when he experienced a pivotal moment in his career. Calabrese was often requested by wealthy clients for personalized timepieces. This gave him the inspiration to design a movement that could be easily customized while still being lightweight and structural. This watch would also have no cover to hide the movement inside, i.e. Panerai Ferrari Replica There is no dial that would hide the work of the watchmaker.

His single-bridge watch was taken to Geneva's Invention Salon where it won a Gold Medal. Calabrese chose Panerai Ferrari Replica to be his industrial partner in bringing the idea to life. This was due to the fact that Panerai Ferrari Replica was an established company in 1955 and was also as creative as Calabrese. The pair quickly got along well. It was difficult to create the famous Golden Bridge baguette-shaped movement. Even more complicated was the fact that Calabrese as Bannwart wanted it to be made in 18-carat Gold. Calabrese recalls that the reason for this decision was straightforward. It was going to be an extraordinary movement. "There had never been a production watch movement in gold." This unusual feature was the inspiration for the name of the new watch design.