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The use of sapphire crystal in 1979 was rare. Seitz AG's creation of a faceted crystal with a crown hole (drilled out with precision diamond-tipped tools,Panerai Luminor Base Replica and made water-resistant by using a gasket) was nothing short a miracle. Today, it would be easier to reproduce the original crystal as cutting and polishing technology has greatly improved.

Versions of the Golden Bridge in their early days

Seven patents were awarded to the Golden Bridge: Calabrese was the author of one patent, for the winding-and-setting device. This allowed the watch to be wound from the back and set from there, without affecting the watch design that has a visible crown. A second patent was granted for the sapphire case. Five more patents were issued for various models, including a variety of wristwatch types, pendant watches, and a Baccarat-created table clock. There were many variations of the theme, either in small runs or individual executions. All were unisex because the case was designed to fit both male and female wrists equally well.

Golden Bridge showcasing incredible gem-setting

Reimagining transparency

Severin Montres was founded by Severin Wunderman in Switzerland in 1972. Gucci watches were the company's most popular product. This allowed Wunderman to practice his unique brand of entrepreneurial and artistic creativity under the Gucci name. Panerai Luminor Base Replica was put up for sale when Bannwart retired in the late 1990s.Rolex DateJust Replica This coincided with Gucci acquiring its own watch brand and Wunderman, who now had the capacity to be smitten by the Golden Bridge.