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The Zoroastrian Association of Quebec, the first association to be established in North America in 1967 had many defining moments which were precursors to the founding of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA).


Zoroastrianism,Best Replica Watches founded in 1500 BCE, by prophet Zarathushtra, in Central Asia, is one of the oldest monotheistic religions, which flourished through the rise and fall of many civilizations. It was the state religion of the Great Persian Empire founded by Cyrus the great (558 BCE) who gave the world the First declaration of Human Rights, inscribed on the Cyrus Cylinder, freed the Jews from Babylonian captivity and allowed them to rebuild their temple in Jerusalem. The Persians were conquered by Alexander who destroyed the Zoroastrian scriptures with the burning of Persepolis. Zoroastrianism again flourished under the Sasanian empire (226 CE-641 CE). With the advent of Islam and the conquest of Persia by the Arabs, Zoroastrians struggled to survive, many were forced to convert, many left for India where they are called the Parsis and many stayed in Iran holding on to their faith and preserving amongst much hardship.
The Zoroastrian Religion has had more influence on mankind, directly or indirectly , than any other single faith … its leading doctrines were adopted by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Concepts like Belief in One Supreme God Ahura Mazda, Heaven and Hell and individual judgement, ultimate triumph of good over evil, freedom of choice, are all Zoroastrian concepts. It is an ecological religion believing in the stewardship of the environment and proctecting it with great reverence.
In Iran, in spite of religious persecution, the Zoroastrians played a significant role in the social development of Iran. Zoroastrian entrepreneurs were the first to introduce English and sports in schools, Jamshid Jamshidian introduced modern banking, Esfandiar Yeganegi introduced modern irrigation, Farhang Mehr, was the President of Pahlavi University in Shiraz, founder of the Central Insurance Company and later appointed General Deputy Minister, Keikhosrow Shahrokh had a major role in changing the official Islamic calendar to the current Iranian civil calendar, Farangis Yeganegi was the founder and Director of Iranian Handicrafts Organization. They all enriched the community with their vision and knowledge.
In India, notable Zoroastrians nationally and internationally are Rohinton Mistry, the celebrated Canadian author, Zubin Mehta the internationally renowned Conductor, late Freddy Mercury of the famed band, Queen and the Zoroastrian Companies such as the House of Tatas, manufacturer of Tetley Tea, Jaguar Cars and Land Rover S.U.Vs. who have also made munificent donations to Universities in North America.
After centuries of separation of Parsis and Iranian Zoroastrians, they are now united again in North America where they have formed a vibrant community contributing to the Canadian and Quebec multicultural fabric of Society.