Zoroastrian Association of Quebec

 Zoroastrian Association of Quebec 

P.O. Box 26735,

Station Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield, Quebec H9W 5T6


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The Zoroastrian Association of Quebec , the first association to be established in North America in 1967 had many defining moment s which were precursors to the founding of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America . (FEZANA).

The publishing of Gavashni , (editor Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli) , the first Zarathushti newsletter of North America. distributed around the continent , the purchase of burial lots, compilation of standard procedures for funeral services , the compilation of the first North American Zoroastrian Directory , the North American Congress 1982 where for the first time Non-Zoroastrians in Zoroastrian precepts were discussed

This association launched the discussion on the standard Zarathushti calendar and prepared a compilation of opinions from across the world

The Mission of the Zoroastrian Association of Quebec is to perpetuate the religion of Asho Zarathushtra among the Zarathushtis of Quebec and to others who may wish to learn the teachings of Prophet Zarathushtra, and the scriptures , and to facilitate the performance of all religious ceremonies and the celebration of Zarathushti feasts.

We organize events which fosters a spirit of togetherness among community members e.g. celebration of Navruz, Ghambars, Picnics . Activities are also organized to promote the teachings of the religion through religious classes for the children , adult discussion groups, participating in interfaith activities , maintaining a website and a newsletter, participate in activities organized by other Zoroastrian Associations in North America and by FEZANA