Zoroastrian Association of Quebec

 Zoroastrian Association of Quebec 

P.O. Box 26735,

Station Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield, Quebec H9W 5T6


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  Activities - Cultural and Social

ZAQ Classes-EducationalCultural & SocialFestivalsComing Events

07-Art contest for Cyrus Cylinder scheduled for USA tour
06-Sponsorship proposal (6th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress 2015, Auckland, New Zealand)
05-ZAQ anniversary 2012
04-Tirgan Celebration picnic 2012
03- Agiary Daremeher Atash Behram in Mumbai
02- Zoroastrian Classes will be showing the film, LITTLE ZIZOU by the Parsi author Sooni, Taraporevala on Sunday, November 20th, Instead of regular classes for the adults and older children.
01- Jashan (Pateti Navroz) Aug 20 2011